Curatio Holiday Lettings

If you are intending to rent your property for holiday lettings, then you need a lettings partner who can take advantage of all of the routes to market now available.

These include the popular holiday accommodation portals, as well as traditional tour operators. A dedicated website is also an important element in the marketing mix.

Being actively present on multiple portals brings with it the requirement to keep availability information up to date, while marketing to an increasingly international clientele also means that the information must be available in multiple languages.

An active inbound marketing program, combining regular newsletters, blog articles and special offers, promoted through social media as well as pay-per-click, can have a dramatic effect on traffic and occupancy.

Pricing can also be actively managed, based on timing and demand, to yield optimum returns.

The human element is equally important. Friendly, well-informed, multi-lingual reservations staff can convert even casual enquiries into firm bookings.

Curatio Letting & Management has a wealth of experience in these areas and can offer a highly competitive contractual solution for both property management and holiday lettings.

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