Passport application & renewals

PLMJ Golden Residency Permit Application Services

PLMJ offer an all inclusive package covering both the Property acquisition and Golden Residency Permit application for a single fee of €7,500. This covers a family of three (two parents, one child), is inclusive of the Permit Renewals, and covers as many Conveyances as required to make up the minimum property investment of €500,000. Additional (qualifying) family members can be added at €500 per applicant.

For the Application to run smoothly the following documents are required:

• A valid Passport, Schengen Visa and travel documents
• Proof of valid medical insurance and proof of address
• Updated property documents showing ownership of property, or
A signed Promissory Contract with payment of a deposit above € 500,000
• Declaration from a bank in Portugal confirming the transfer of the funds
• Absence of criminal conviction (Criminal Record) and of interdiction to enter the country
• Absence of notice from the Portuguese Immigration Authorities or Schengen Services
• Declaration from the investor confirming compliance with the investment requirements

PLMJ’s services include:

• Preparation and submission of initial application and required documentation
• Representation before the Portuguese Authorities
• Accompanying client to the Portuguese Authorities (when required)
• Full assistance with renewals including preparation of renewal forms and their submission.