Legal conveyancing

PLMJ Legal Conveyancing Service

Whenever you purchase property it pays to fully understand all the issues that could affect the transaction and it is essential that you have carried out the necessary background checks on the property, both for your own peace of mind and to protect the future value of your investment.

Expert Advice

PLMJ is a Portuguese law firm, offering solutions to foreign investors, who wish to invest using the Golden Residency Scheme. With a team of experienced lawyers in Portuguese property, planning and tourism laws all the relevant checks will be carried out.

The Service

As part of the Property Legal Check-up your assigned lawyer will carry out detailed checks of the standard property documents:

• Land Registry Certificate
• Tax Card
• Habitation Licence
• Energy Certificate
• Existing planning regulations/restrictions
• Existence of any debts
• Resort management agreements
• Condominium agreements

After these checks have been conducted, and you are happy to proceed, we will proceed with the land & tax registration.


As part of the Golden Residency Permit application process the cost for the PLMJ conveyance service is included in the Residency Application at € 7,500 for up to three people.
Please note that there are land registry costs (IMT) and taxes (Stamp Duty and IMI) charged by the Government to pay and these depend on the purchase price and type of property.