Golden Residency Scheme


On October 8th 2012 the Portuguese Government passed legislation allowing individuals who invest in Portugal under certain criteria, the right to Residency, followed by the right to a Portuguese (European) passport if further criteria are met.

• Invest a minimum of €500K into property in Portugal (sums over this minimum investment may carry a mortgage) OR
• Capital investment of >€1m into a business in Portugal;
• Create a minimum of 10 jobs in Portugal;
• If purchased in two names then each investor has to invest €500K to qualify for Residency.

The right to residency requires that individuals spend at least 7 days per annum (consecutive or interrupted) in Portugal/ the Schengen area of Europe in the first year, and then an aggregate of 28 days (consecutive or interrupted) over the next four years.

If the criteria above are adhered to for a period of five years, then the investor has the right to apply for a Portuguese (European) passport.

In order to obtain a Residency Visa, the applicant must:
• Enter Portugal on a valid Schengen Visa
• Apply for Residency within 90 days of entry
• Comply with the general requirements of temporary residence.

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